29 November 2006

128KB Flash 8051 MCU from Atmel

AT89C51RE2, an 8051 based microcontroller with 128kbyte of flash, has been launched from Atmel. The device is an addition to the existing 16-, 32- and 64Kbyte 8051 flash family of AT89C51RB2/RC2/RD2/ED2 MCUs. This new chip offers 8kbyte of ram, two UARTs, watchdog timer, power on reset, power fail detector and up to 50 general purpose I/Os. Suited to industrial and consumer applications, the AT89C51RE2 can operate from 2.7 to 5.5V and achieves a 4MIPS throughput when running at 40MHz.

A key feature is the on chip debug capability that enables low cost emulation. The hardware debug system with Windows IDE interface allows the user to access debugging functions built into the AT89C51RE2 resulting in faster development and verification of user code in real time.

The AT89C51RE2 is available in 44-pin PLCC and VQFP packages at $4.80 for 10,000 units.

Atmel offers the AT89STK-11, a starter kit for $99, to evaluate the AT89C51RE2; designers can either run the demonstration program or their own application. A new low-cost on-chip debug tool, AT89OCD-01 will be available by the end of November 2006.

Source: www.newelectronics.co.uk and www.eetasia.com

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