07 September 2006

LCD interfacing

This is an example how to interface to the standard Hitachi-44780 LCD using an 8051 microcontroller and SDCC as C Compiler. I use a standard 16-character by 2-line LCD module, see schematic below. Here, I use 4-bit interfacing.

Schematic: 4-bit interfacing 16x2 LCD

Source Code (For SDCC)
- lcd.h
- test_lcd.c

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Nimish H Dave said...

LCD Interfacing tutorials
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abhishek said...

Can anybody suggest me interfacing Renesas micro wuth colored LCD having samsung driver s6b3301

Surendra said...

can u tell me the how to interface 128X64 LCD display with micro controller P89v51rd2

cs said...

#define LCD_en P2_4
#define LCD_rs P2_5

this 2 part gt error?should be
#define LCD_en P2^4
#define LCD_rs P2^5

2011disaster said...

Thanks for LCD.h code, you make my work simple. found similar things