06 April 2007

Linux for Embedded Systems

For a microcontroller learner, Embedded System is a challenge. Linux are used as an operating system for the modern embedded devices. I am a one who are trying to study Linux on an embedded microcontroller, i.e., 8051 mcu and ARM. Let's start together!

This is a list of some sites that are of particular interest to embedded developers.

kernel.org – The Linux kernel archive. This is where you can download the latest kernel versions as well as virtually any previous version.

sourceforge.net – “World’s largest Open Source development website.” Provides free services to open source developers including project hosting and management, version control, bug and issue tracking, backups and archives, and communication and collaboration resources.

linuxdevices.com – A news and portal site devoted to the entire range of issues surrounding embedded Linux.

embedded-linux.org – The Embedded Linux Consortium, a nonprofit, vendor neutral trade association promoting Linux in the embedded space. Its major effort at present is the development of an embedded Linux platform specification.

embedded.com – The web site for Embedded Systems Programming magazine.
This site is not specifically oriented to Linux, but is quite useful as a more general embedded information tool.

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