09 April 2007

Learn Embedded Linux with ARMulator

uClinux is an excellent way to study the embedded operating systems for an engineer, student, hobbyist, Linux-enthusiast. I am interested in Embedded Linux for ARM microcontroller. Before buying a new mcu evaluation board, there is a smart way to study the Embedded Linux. That is studying it with the emulator called ARMUlator.

I tested on Fedora Core 6 Linux with GCC 3.4.x (how to install gcc 3.4 for FC6).

What you get

Here are some files you can use to put together uClinux running in the GDB/ARMulator.

Building the Debugger/Emulator
 tar xvf gdb-5.0.tar.bz2
 gunzip gdb-5.0-uclinux-armulator-20060104.patch.gz
        patch -p0 < gdb-5.0-uclinux-armulator-20060104.patch
 cd gdb-5.0
        export CC=gcc34
 ./configure --target=arm-elf
 make install

Running the precompiled binaries

The ARMulator expects the romfs to be in a file called "boot.rom". You must use the matching kernel/romfs combo's.
 gunzip romfs.2.4.x
 gunzip linux.2.4.x
 ln -s romfs.2.4.x boot.rom
 arm-elf-gdb linux-2.4.x
 gdb> target sim
 gdb> load
 gdb> run

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