26 January 2007


OpenServo is an open community-based project started by Mike Thompson with the goal of creating a low-cost digital servo for robotics. The hardware and software design of the OpenServo is free for anyone to use and modify to meet their particular needs. It is currently being developed by a small group of dedicated individuals striving to maintain the very best in free, open source software and standards. We hope that you will find the OpenServo project interesting and become a member of our community.

The OpenServo is a combination of hardware and software meant to replace the original PCB internal to low-cost analog RC servos such as the Futaba S3003 or HiTec HS-311

Some features of the OpenServo include:

  • High performance AVR 8-bit microcontroller

  • Compact H-Bridge implemented with low-cost MOSFET drivers

  • I2C/TWI based interface for control and feedback

  • Control over servo position and speed

  • Feedback of servo position, speed, voltage and power consumption

  • EEPROM storage of servo configuration information

  • Software written in C using free development tools

  • I2C/TWI based bootloader and Windows GUI programmer

  • Total cost about $20 per servo in quantity ($10 servo hardware + $10 parts)

Information can be found on this site regarding Hardware, Software and Tools & Utilities to create your own OpenServo.

Home page: http://openservo.com/

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Jay said...

The Open Servo is a cheap way to build digital servos for your next robot project. You can build them yourself (the plans and schematics are free on their site) or you can buy them from me at http://www.pendragonrobotics.com. Talk to you soon!